I know things can always be worse (please, no), but it has been a heck of a few weeks.

If all of you praying folks could please pray.
For a dear friend who is in hospice care, his young son and his family and friends.
For our family who lost a dear mother/mother-in-law/grandmother/great-grandmother.
For another dear family who just lost their main income and must move out of their home in two weeks and currently have no place to go.
For yet another dear friend who is going through custody and marital struggles.
For multiple family members struggling with health, substance abuse, no income and/or no place to live.

For all of these broken, bruised, battered hearts, lives and empty wallets please join me in praying to the Lord. Lord hear our prayers.


Spring IS Coming


This seemingly endless winter has felt like torture at times. The bitter cold. The snow. For those of us who the cold hurts physically, there is an painful ache in our bones. We are so weary, exhausted and feeling like we can’t hold out any longer. We are desperate for Spring to come. Just like as Christians in this sinful world we are desperate for our Lord to come and redeem what is fallen. Our hearts ache over our need for Jesus.

And just as He will make all things new, Spring will come and the earth will be renewed. We will see the ground being redeemed from the cold and snow. Life will spring up and with it joy. Warmth will ease the aches and pains in our bones. We will plant seeds and be a part of the redemption of the earth just like God has called us as Christians to be a part of His redemption of the world.

We are weary and in pain but Spring is coming. Hope is not lost. We look forward to Spring’s return with hopeful anticipation. We look forward to our Lord’s return with hopeful anticipation. Plant seeds, love as Jesus does.


A Few of My Favorite Things – RSS Feed

These are a few of my current favorite blogs and websites in my RSS feed and why.

DIY and House project related:

One Good Thing by Jillee She is like a down to earth Martha Stewart and posts things I can actually do.

Young House Love This blog is a fun read with lots of pretty photos and house project ideas.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes she is over the top and hysterical. Her style is completely different than mine and yet I love it.

Spiritually related:

Ann Voskamp’s blog A holy Experience I find her writing to be consistently valuable and challenging.

Rachel Held Evans’ blog Her writing, both book and blog, have been very eye opening, informative and challenging for me.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary I love her honesty, sarcasm and willingness to say hard things.


Dog Shaming has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. When I’m glum it always makes me laugh.

Seeder’s Digest the blog of the Hudson Valley Seed Library, my favorite place to buy seeds. Their blog has great seed saving and gardening tips.

Occupy CFS a blog with information on the nitty gritty of what is going on regarding defining and researching CFS. Most of the time it is more than my brain can process bur at least I get a general idea of what is going on.

SmartAppsForKids This website reviews kids apps and posts a list of free and discount apps every Friday.


Life seems to get heavier this time of year. The cold is setting in which makes my bones hurt. So many people I know are struggling. Lost jobs, lost loved ones, lost health, depression. It feels like we are all teetering on the brink. And we are entering the holiday season. A time that to be full of thankfulness, joy and giving. And we are thankful. But that joy is hard to hold on to. Difficult to see through the hardness of life.

I have been learning though. Reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are has really challenged me to learn to live thankfully despite this hard life. The key to keeping that joy seems to be gratefulness. So easy to lose, so important to regain. If you haven’t read this book I would definitely encourage you to. I listened to it through our library’s website, then checked out the paper copy, then bought it and am reading it again. Maybe I am a slow learner but it is such an important lesson to really learn, deep down, and to practice until I have it. Being thankful, grateful, for all of the little things and big things fills the heart with joy.

Forgive my lack of eloquence. My brain is a jumbled, mushy, mess lately. Just go read Ann Voskamp’s book. She is very eloquent. Check out her blog too. It is definitely worth adding to your RSS feed.

And if you have time, money and/or gifts to give, do it. If you need someone to give to, let me know. I have friends who really could use a helping hand right now.