Cheryl I am a reluctant blogger living in Rochester NY with my husband and our two sons. I am a christian, ME/CFS sufferer and I care a great deal about the environment and our effect on the planet.  I like to DIY, make my own, and be frugal.

My brain tends to be full of mush (due to ME/CFS) so my thoughts will be jumbled and full of incorrect spelling and grammar.  Please forgive me.

If you comment, be kind, or I will delete you.  Bwahahahah, I have the power.  Seriously though.  The internet is full of mean, venom spewing people and I want none of it here.

This blog is my opinions based on my experiences. If I state something as fact, I will try to back it up with evidence. If I don’t feel free to not believe me. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Think people. The internet does not absolve us all from thinking for ourselves, using common sense and discretion.

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