Giving up today

Each day I wake up hopeful that today I will feel ok and be able to be productive. Days like today though, when I get to 1/1:30pm and haven’t been able to muster up the strength and energy to do anything, I know it is time to give up the day. Give it up to not being able to get anything done and just let go. Because otherwise I sit and stew and frustrate myself by thinking of all I wish I was doing. And that is just energy wasted. I have to let go and remind myself that the mess will wait. The dishes in the sink can stay there. The laundry will just have to go undone. And no one will die if we have leftovers or sandwiches or cereal for dinner, again. Not ideal. Not great. Probably not even good. But survival mode is what it is. And I will wake up tomorrow hopeful again.

And it doesn’t hurt to remind myself that we cleaned the entire garage this weekend, I gave the boys hair cuts and we were super busy to boot.


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