I made it (sort of)

I made it through our insane weekend. It was a lovely weekend to boot. I went on a women’s getaway, to a family wedding, church work day and Ray LaMontagne show. I also built a trellis in the garden and mowed the lawn! And I am surprisingly not as dead as I was expecting. However I am still wiped out and just like anyone with that kind of schedule, have a ton of things to do to catch up.

Our crazy schedule has not stopped either, nor will it any time soon. Little League keeps going and my hubby and oldest son are taking a trip to a Yankee’s game. So I am home with our youngest and a pile of dishes, dirty house, laundry, etc. Normally I think “I will wait and they will help with things.” Being so busy things just aren’t getting done. And now, knowing they are not here for a few days I suppose I need to tackle something. But I am also needing to rest. And my brain is not functioning. So I sit here thinking I really should do something but my body is refusing to let me.

There is always tomorrow right? The messy house will wait until then (or longer). For now I will have another cup of coffee and relax because I need to. Letting go of my ideal and my productivity driven self and reminding myself again that we will all live if things don’t get done.


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