Pacing when life won’t stop.

When you have ME/CFS life is all about pacing yourself. Stopping when you start feeling exhaustion setting in and using any energy you may have wisely and in small increments in hopes to reserve some and build more. But when you overdo things you pay for it. You crash. Not to mention it is so easy to overdo it because it is so easy to misjudge how much you have left in the tank and how your body will react.

My current problem though is life is forcing me to overdo it. We have a ton going on and I am already spent, exahusted, but I can’t not do the things we have coming up. Well I guess I could if it were an emergency, but I guess it is a combo of feeling like these are things I need to do and simply want to do. But I know I am going to pay for it next week, big time. My fear always is, what will push me into further, long-term, worse than I have been sickness. And there is no knowing what will cause that.

So I hope and pray and still have anxiety over it. I wish my body would just cooperate with life. I guess all I can do is try to pace and take small breaks during the insanity and hope the impending crash isn’t as bad as I expect it will be.


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