Pet Peeve Day

I feel I need to vent my internet pet peeves today. Maybe I am in a grumpy mood. Or maybe my gripes are legit and the people of the internet need to just stop!

Pet Peeve # 1
Can we please stop saying a recipe has “only three ingredients” when one of the ingredients is a box of a bunch of mixed ingredients?

Pet Peeve # 2
Stop with the lists already. The 10 things you must do. Or 15 things never to say to your kids/spouse/employer/etc. We’ve had enough. Life can not be boiled down to bullet points so stop trying please.

Pet Peeve # 3
I admit, I have found some of those silly internet quizzes to be fun but I think we can all agree their time has come and gone.

Pet Peeve #4
Can we stop with the hacks please? Life hacks, camping hacks, Ikea hacks, kitchen hacks. It’s just obnoxious. Tips, tricks, great ideas; there are so many descriptive words in our language. Use them.

Pet Peeve #5
I think we have all been chevroned to death at this point. Zig-zag stripes can go away now.

Pet Peeve #6
Your “Keep calm and . . .” is making me angry. Enough!

All of these things are about as obnoxious as forwarded emails, people who don ‘t understand how to BCC people in a group email and people who don’t know how to use Snopes before they spread stupid things around the internet.

If you like these things or do these things please don’t be offended by my rantings. Heck, who am I kidding, be offended if you want. Maybe we shouldn’t be friends. You needed to hear it so you’re welcome. Anyone who knows me, knows I am (mostly) joking anyway.


One response to “Pet Peeve Day

  1. I’m with ya on nearly all of those. I just don’t know what you are referring to with #5… logos? Something else? I must have missed that one. (Guess I’m glad I have…) 🙂

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