DIY Minecraft Creeper Shirt


This year my husband is coaching our older sons little league team. Their team’s name is the Creepers.

As I have previously established, I am cheap. As such I was sure I could make all of us team shirts for cheaper than the cost of one we could purchase online for $15.

Google helped me find two sites where others had gone before me. This tutorial on instructables and this Minecraft party from Frugal Family Times.

First I made a trip to JoAnn where t-shirts were on sale for $2.50 each. I got two adult shirts for my hubby and I but they didn’t have any youth sizes in green. I grabbed a small bottle of black fabric paint for under $2 too. Then I went across the street to Goodwill where I found a “close enough” green shirt for $2 for little brother. I also grabbed a box of freezer paper at the Grocery store for $4. (The box of 18″x75 sq. yards will be useful for lots of projects.). $13 total for all the supplies.

Next I washed the shirts. Then I printed the Creeper face onto the uncoated side of the freezer paper which I had cut to 8″ by 11″. For the smallest shirt I just sized the face down to 80% before I printed it.


Using an Exacto knife and ruler on my cutting matt I cut the Creeper faces out.


I put a piece of cardboard inside each shirt, then positioned the cut out faces and ironed. I made sure the steam was off and used the lowest setting for the fabric.



Once the freezer paper was in place it was time to paint. Using a sponge brush I had on hand I dabbed and brushed the paint on making sure to get all the corners and edges.

The type of paint I bought said to wait four hours between coats. And it definitely needed two coats.


After coat number two and four more hours it was ready to iron to set the paint. The paint bottle said to hold an iron on steam setting 1/2″ over the paint and steam until textured but not to over steam. Not sure what over steaming would do but I hope I didn’t.  As you can see in this photo it kind of got wavy.


Next I carefully peeled the freezer paper off the shirts and took the cardboard out.


After another 72 hours the shirts could be washed inside out. Once washed they looked really good. The paint is pretty thick and the waviness from ironing was gone.


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