Spring is Here

Spring break!!!! I have been so happy to have the kids home from school for spring break. I really miss having them here all the time like they were when we were homeschooling. I know that the time to rest while they are in school is what is necessary for right now, but I am glad when they have a break. They enjoy it too and spend lots of time playing well together alternated with bickering as siblings do.


And I am glad they went back to school today. I am wiped out and need to just rest in the quiet on this rainy spring day.

I am hoping the fact that I have been feeling a bit better holds up now that the kids are back to school. I have been pushing it a bit since the weather has been beautiful and there are things to be done outside. Just hoping I don’t crash too hard.

Daffodil bud.

Daffodil bud.

I am so happy Spring seems to finally be winning out over the cold. My seedlings are getting big and I am getting antsy to get my garden going. The yard is finally a little solid and not so muddy. The kids are enjoying playing outside. I am excited to be entering the best few months of the year.


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