Elimination Diet and Going GF

I have a lovely friend who is a nutritionist. Over a year ago she suggested I try an elimination diet. So I bought the book she suggested and looked over it. I decided there was definitely merit to doing an elimination diet. And here I am a year plus later and I still haven’t done it.

About six months ago my doctor suggested I try going gluten free. (As if that is just something you try.) My body doesn’t seem to be absorbing vitamins the way it should. And in bodies that have issues with gluten the intestines are damaged and have issues with absorbtion.

So I pulled out the book again and procrastinated. Then I put some real work into figuring out the plan and what it would take to actually do it. Then I procrastinated some more.

The problem I am having is, well actually problems. Part of me is just so exhausted that planning this kind of change is overwhelming. Not to mention implementing it. I also spend lots of time throwing an internal hissy fit saying “but I don’t wanna have to give up yet another thing because of my illness.” And “but I love bread and baked goods and . . .” Then I read through the recipes and think, “oh yes, a mush made of cooked brown rice and seaweed sounds delicious.”

So here I sit. Knowing that food and good nutrition are one of the major keys to wellness. Feeling too physically, mentally and emotionally sick to make major changes. Going gluten free is not for the weak. I am weak. Having a special diet is not cheap. I am cheap (and on a very tight budget).

Does anyone want to come and be my personal chef? Your will be paid in gratitude and dog licks. You will gain knowledge in elimination diets and chronic illness. Just what everyone has always dreamed of right?


3 responses to “Elimination Diet and Going GF

  1. It is not an easy thing. Actually a huge challenge, both financially and energy wise. But you do feel the benefits after a little while πŸ™‚ I struggle all the time. You can start small πŸ™‚ praying for you.

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