Tapping Our Maples: Making Syrup

Well the sap really hasn’t been flowing that well for us. But I gathered what had collected in the buckets and ended up with about four gallons of sap. Well I hoped it was sap and not water that had made it’s way into the buckets somehow. You can read about how we tapped our maple trees here.

Despite some warnings online about boiling inside I decided to boil the sap down on the stove inside anyway. We just don’t have a set-up outside conducive to boiling out there at this point. (It did get humid in the house but not too bad. Kind of like a humid summer day, without the heat.)

First I dumped the sap through a bit of cheese cloth and sieve into my pot.


Here’s what it looked like to start.


After an hour it finally started to boil.  After two hours some had evaporated.


After four hours we were getting there.


Once it boiled down a bunch more I poured it through cheese cloth again into my stock pot to make it easier to get to to stir and check.


After about seven hours we were getting close to syrup and I needed to keep a close eye on things.


After eight hours we had syrup! At least I was pretty sure. It was dripping more slowly off of my stirring spoon.


I put a metal spoon and let it cool for a second and swiped my finger across the back and it was sticky and seemed like the consistency of syrup so I called it done.


I poured it through cheesecloth again into a jar I had handy. It passed the initial family taste test. Now the kids want pancakes for dinner tonight.




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