Recovering, still

Three days later I am still recovering from Friday’s “fun” day out. I spent the day Saturday pretty much in a coma on the couch. It took all I had to get upstairs to the bathroom a few times. Yesterday wasn’t much better, but I was able to take a shower and be upright a bit more. I was hoping that today I would feel better but I am still wiped out. I think the weather is factoring in a lot too. The warm, then cold and snow, now getting warm again. It seems the pressure changes really mess with my sleep and how I am feeling. Still trying to remain positive but when you can’t think straight it is even harder. Just trying to let myself rest like I need to and not have the constant internal fight with my body over what I want versus how it is. That just wastes mental energy I don’t have.

So to focus on being grateful:
I am extremely thankful for my wonderful, loving, supportive husband.
I am grateful for two healthy, energetic children.
I am thankful for birds at the bird feeder.
I am thankful for pretty flowers in a vase to look at and smell while I wait for the ones outside to spring back to life.
I am thankful for Netflix, so I have something to “do” while I lay here with hands and arms too weak to even crochet and a brain too dead to read.


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