Today, One of Those Days

Lest you think I am good at living with ME/CFS (is it even possible?) today will prove you wrong.

I have been having a rotten week. Utter exhaustion, not sleeping, pain, brain dead, the works. I have been trying super hard to stay positive. Just as I have been trying really hard to be grateful this year and dwell on what is good and not what is bad.

Well today challenged all of that. I had to go out and run errands. My awesome hubby usually does all of the errands and shopping for us so I don’t have to. But he can’t get my blood drawn for me. So I brought him to work so I could have our car to run my errands. I had made a list of where I needed to go, the times they opened, where to go first, etc. I neglected to remember the slip for my bloodwork though. I was thankful that I remembered before I got to the lab though. So I stopped home to get the lab slip and on my way in to the house I went to grab the recycling bin that was empty at the curb. I stepped on a patch of ice, slipped and fell and smashed my face on the bin. I was now covered in mud and my face hurt. I was happy that my glasses didn’t break (thank you Zenni) and I wasn’t bleeding. So oh well. Didn’t want to waste the energy changing clothes so I grabbed my lab slip and went on my way. I figured my muddy knee would give my story validity so the general public didn’t think I had been in a fight should they ask (no one did).

Once I got my blood drawn and was on my way to the next destination on my list I realized I had forgotten another form at home that I needed to drop off at the kids school. Oh my goodness! Having mush for brains is so annoying. So back home I went, got the form, and continued on my way.

The ramp to the highway was closed because of an accident though so I had to get on heading South instead of North. Now any normal person would have been able to think of a new best way to get where they were going. But today my brain couldn’t handle that. So I got off the next exit and got back on the highway going North. At least I didn’t try to take a different route and get lost.

There were, of course, several other annoying things today like not being able to find what I was looking for at a few stores, which is even more frustrating when you are spending precious energy just getting there. Having to stop at the grocery store even though my hubby went last night because I forgot to ask him to buy something we needed. And of course I bought the gallon of milk that is slowly leaking. And the recycles just went out so there is no extra milk jug to transfer it to. And . . .

So now I am beyond beat. I am in more pain than usual. And I am going to have some nice bruises on my face. But I didn’t end up in the ER. I did eventually get my errands done. I didn’t get lost. And I am at home resting with my family around me. So for that I am thankful.


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