Spring IS Coming


This seemingly endless winter has felt like torture at times. The bitter cold. The snow. For those of us who the cold hurts physically, there is an painful ache in our bones. We are so weary, exhausted and feeling like we can’t hold out any longer. We are desperate for Spring to come. Just like as Christians in this sinful world we are desperate for our Lord to come and redeem what is fallen. Our hearts ache over our need for Jesus.

And just as He will make all things new, Spring will come and the earth will be renewed. We will see the ground being redeemed from the cold and snow. Life will spring up and with it joy. Warmth will ease the aches and pains in our bones. We will plant seeds and be a part of the redemption of the earth just like God has called us as Christians to be a part of His redemption of the world.

We are weary and in pain but Spring is coming. Hope is not lost. We look forward to Spring’s return with hopeful anticipation. We look forward to our Lord’s return with hopeful anticipation. Plant seeds, love as Jesus does.



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