Seed Starting

I ordered my seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library a few weeks ago. I was so excited when they arrived. I love getting my seeds going in the spring. It feels like proof that warm weather is on it’s way. Although, I have a feeling this year it may take a little longer than usual to arrive.


A while back I came across a seed starting idea on Pinterest called winter-sowing. I had never heard of it before. After reading the blog post on A Garden for the House it seemed to make a lot on sense though. So I figured I would give it a try this year.


I followed his instructions for putting the holes in the jugs and cutting them. I found that some of my thicker plastic containers were a pain to put holes in with the heated screwdriver tip method so I used my drill instead. I mean anytime you can use a power drill you should right?


I used a box cutter to cut the jugs, added my soil and seeds, watered, taped and set them outside. We will see how they do. I started lettuce, peas, spinach and marigolds. I plan to put out peppers and tomatoes in April as well.


I also started some seeds inside, like I usually do. Mainly because I have done that in the past with success and I want to make sure I get seeds going. With my luck it will be a terrible year for winter sowing or something. Inside I started peppers, tomatoes, marigolds and sun flowers.


The marigolds and sunflowers popped up really quickly. The others will take a week or two. I can’t wait for all of the little green shoots to come up. Gardening makes me giddy.




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