Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

For the past four or so years we have signed up for a CSA share with a local farm. If you never have I highly recommend it. It is a wonderful way to get excellent, fresh, local produce and support local farmers. Shares are generally very affordable.  For more info on local CSA’s and what CSA’s are listen to this episode of Connections with Evan Dawson.

I love that every year we get a ton of delicious veggies and fruits and I always end up with a vegetable or two that I am completely unfamiliar with. So we end up experiencing new foods and new recipes. Last year we had fennel for the first time and ended up making a fennel leek soup that was excellent!


Last year we signed up for a share with The Good Food Collective. The Good Food Collective works a bit differently than a typical CSA. They get produce from several local farms and create shares for their members with the combined produce. The benefit is a more diverse offering. They also offer for sale shares of extra fruit, coffee, ice cream, bread and more all from local businesses. We loved our experience with the Good Food Collective. We especially loved getting a more varied selection of produce. I highly recommend getting a share from them!

There are a ton of local farms to choose from though when selecting a CSA share. To find one ask friends to see if they have recommendations, ask at your local farmers market or check these lists.
Local Harvest – nationwide list
Ecovian – nationwide list
NOFA-NY 2013 CSA Fair Directory – NY list
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester area list

You can call prospective CSA farms, or check their website, to find out what varieties of produce they grow, how much you can expect in your share, how many weeks you will receive a share, wether or not they are certified organic and what kind of pest management they use. NOFA-NY has a printable CSA comparison chart on their website that may be useful.

Sign up for a CSA now and get even more excited about Spring’s arrival. It’ll be here soon!


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