JoAnn Haul

Today I made out like a bandit at JoAnn. What would have cost $92.79 was $23.38 after clearance and coupons. Score!

Here is how I did it.

I always look through the clearance sections when I go in. They always have the seasonal stuff on super clearance after a holiday. Today I found Holiday Inspirations 25ft Pine Roping Garland on sale from $7.99 down to $1.67. I bought two to use next year.


In their regular clearance section I came across a 2 lb tub of Crayola Model Magic modeling compound for $5.97. So I walked over to the kids craft section and saw that it was regularly $24.99! And there I also found some Crayola Model Magic Jungle Animals Craft Pack’s marked down from $7.99 each to $1.97. I grabbed two and plan to stick it all in my box ‘o gifts I keep on hand for when the kids are invited to birthday parties.



The reason I went to JoAnn in the first place was I needed glue sticks for my hot glue gun and I also needed Gesso for some canvases I picked up on Craigslist.

The glue sticks were $9.99 for 100 but I used a 50% off coupon making them $4.99

And the Gesso was $8.99 and I had a 40% off coupon for that one so it was $5.39.

I also had a 15% off all crafts coupon that knocked another $1.99.

So there you have it. Not too bad if you ask me.

Print and sign up to get JoAnn coupons in the mail here. Sometimes there are also coupons in their flyer which you can pick up when you walk in the door. Also, teachers (homeschoolers too) can get a teacher discount card for an additional 15% off purchases.


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