Strep Again

Hey everyone (and by everyone I mean the two of you who read what I write). I keep meaning to post something, and have been working on several things, but I just don’t seem to be able to finish anything.

Our household has been dealing with Strep again/still. Everyone but me is up to three times on antibiotics for it. Their symptoms are getting more varied, strange and not classic. I was on an antibiotic too for a spreading infection I had in a scratch in my hand. I think that was caused by strep bacteria as well. We have had rashes gallore, low fever and a headache, etc. Pretty soon we are going to break out in stripes or something.

Naturally I am sick and tired of this darn bug. So I started doing research and found out that Strep A bacteria can live on surfaces for 3 days to 6.5 months! Oh yippee. Join me as I freak out and consider bleaching every single thing in my house! Pretty soon this will be me.


Thankfully I also found that one of the things that kills Strep is Hydrogen Peroxide. Yay for natural solutions! So we will be disinfecting with that. As soon as I get up the energy. In the meantime I am praying that these antibiotics work and that we can rid ourselves of this wretched bug once and for all. If you think of it say a prayer for us and by all means stay far, far away.


2 responses to “Strep Again

  1. There is seriously nothing in this house that has not been touched in the last 5 months! Ugh. Just wiped all the knobs, handles, everything that I saw that was touched regularly with peroxide. Still need to change the sheets.
    I take the boys in today for a follow up culture. Praying they are free of strep and can stay that way.

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