I love Pinterest!  I mean who doesn’t?

I try to actually do many of the things I pin. That’s not to say I have done thousands of things but I try not to pin willy nilly. I also check to make sure the links I pin actually go to the right place. Please fellow pinners, check your pins before you pin them! Spammy pins suck for us all!

Anyway. I am just confessing my love for Pinterest here.

I did however, recently bite off more than I could chew with a Pinterest project. Our church was having a gingerbread house contest. I thought it would be fun to let the kids pick a project so we talked it over and son #1 said he wanted to make a castle. A Pinterest search turned up a gingerbread castle with printable pattern pieces. Score! I had never made gingerbread before so probably started with something less ambitious. Two days, and five batches of gingerbread, later we finally ended up with all of the castle pieces. I made the frosting glue and assembled the castle only to have it keep falling apart. And when we transported it from home to church it fell apart again. But once we got it reassembled there and decorated it it was cute. We didn’t win the contest but I did get a big, genuine thank you from my son recognizing how much work it was so that made it more worth all of the trouble.



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