I love Pinterest!  I mean who doesn’t?

I try to actually do many of the things I pin. That’s not to say I have done thousands of things but I try not to pin willy nilly. I also check to make sure the links I pin actually go to the right place. Please fellow pinners, check your pins before you pin them! Spammy pins suck for us all!

Anyway. I am just confessing my love for Pinterest here.

I did however, recently bite off more than I could chew with a Pinterest project. Our church was having a gingerbread house contest. I thought it would be fun to let the kids pick a project so we talked it over and son #1 said he wanted to make a castle. A Pinterest search turned up a gingerbread castle with printable pattern pieces. Score! I had never made gingerbread before so probably started with something less ambitious. Two days, and five batches of gingerbread, later we finally ended up with all of the castle pieces. I made the frosting glue and assembled the castle only to have it keep falling apart. And when we transported it from home to church it fell apart again. But once we got it reassembled there and decorated it it was cute. We didn’t win the contest but I did get a big, genuine thank you from my son recognizing how much work it was so that made it more worth all of the trouble.



A Few of My Favorite Things – RSS Feed

These are a few of my current favorite blogs and websites in my RSS feed and why.

DIY and House project related:

One Good Thing by Jillee She is like a down to earth Martha Stewart and posts things I can actually do.

Young House Love This blog is a fun read with lots of pretty photos and house project ideas.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes she is over the top and hysterical. Her style is completely different than mine and yet I love it.

Spiritually related:

Ann Voskamp’s blog A holy Experience I find her writing to be consistently valuable and challenging.

Rachel Held Evans’ blog Her writing, both book and blog, have been very eye opening, informative and challenging for me.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary I love her honesty, sarcasm and willingness to say hard things.


Dog Shaming has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. When I’m glum it always makes me laugh.

Seeder’s Digest the blog of the Hudson Valley Seed Library, my favorite place to buy seeds. Their blog has great seed saving and gardening tips.

Occupy CFS a blog with information on the nitty gritty of what is going on regarding defining and researching CFS. Most of the time it is more than my brain can process bur at least I get a general idea of what is going on.

SmartAppsForKids This website reviews kids apps and posts a list of free and discount apps every Friday.


Today I have been “couchridden” all day. Completely wiped out and incapable of doing anything. These are the hard days.

So I sat here on the couch all day and tried to think. But one of my symptoms is not being able to think. So I did some purging on the dvr so I could feel like I accomplished something. And I watched some videos of Prof. Dr. K. De Meirleir on you tube about ME/CFS. They are facinating, depressing, hopeful, informative and describe my sickness to a t.

If you are a medical research scientist, have ME or are really curious (or really bored) you might enjoy watching them. There are 20 or so of them that have been English subtitled. Here is the first one.

Pleather Chair Repair


We purchased this super comfy rocker recliner a few years back at Ashley Furniture. It is a blend of leather and plastic so has the look of leather at a much cheaper price. Unfortunately it is also not as durable as leather. It came with a one year warranty which we ended up using. The chair’s recline lever is between the arm and the seat cushion and the arm had torn a hole in the seat. Ashley customer service was great. They even sent a repair guy to our house despite the fact that we had picked the chair up ourselves so technically should have had to bring it back in for repair. When the repair guy replaced the seat cushion he suggested I keep the old one in case I ever needed to patch or match the fabric. Smart man!


Fast forward two years or so and the leather/plastic blend material is peeling. Thanks to the forward thinking of the repair man I have the old cushion with fabric to patch the chair with.

I did some googling (how did we ever fix anything before Google?), found some information on glues to use on fabric that is a synthetic leather or leather/plastic blend and I purchased some Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Repair.


I measured the area that needed to be patched and added a few inches to have a peel free area for the glue to adhere to. I also added an extra inch so I could fold each side under 1/2″ to create a clean, fray free line.


I got the cushion out of the basement and took it out of it’s plastic bag only to discover it was covered in mildew. Panic! I grabbed some vinegar and a rag and it wiped right off. Yes! I removed the fabric from the cushion. Then using my handy dandy quilting mat and rotary cutter I cut out the rectangle I needed.



Next I attempted to iron the fabric to free it of wrinkles and to fold the edges in. Fail. I didn’t want to melt the fabric so I had the iron on super low. I kept nudging the heat up as it was not working but got nervous about melting so decided to live with the wrinkles and glue the edges under.

I began with gluing one edge, folding as I went. It didn’t stick at first so I tried again with a thicker line of glue. I had to wait a minute or two for the glue to make the fabric a bit “melty” and then voila! I put those home improvement books to good use to hold the seams in place while it dried/cured. I worked one side at a time letting each dry before I did the next.


The next day I placed the fabric where it needed to go, measured to make sure I had it even-ish and square-ish, then marked each strait edge on the chair with a 2-3″ piece of blue painters tape. Starting at the top I applied the glue to both the patch and the chair and stuck the glue together doing a few inches of one side at a time. Then I secured it with painters tape all around the edges like the Loctite instructions said to. I laid a few heavy blankets on top to hopefully help everything stay in place better while it dried.



It’s not perfect but it is certainly better than it was and will prolong the life of this chair until replacing it is in the budget. It has been about two weeks now and it is holding up well.  Now to try to figure out how to patch the side of the cushion where the lever has ripped through the fabric on cushion #2.