I love Craigslist! A little too much sometimes. But most of the time just the right amount.

We have basically furnished our house using Craigslist. In fact, there are only three pieces of furniture in our entire house that we purchased retail. A few were handed down to us or found through freecycle, but the vast majority we found on Craigslist.

We also got our car using Craigslist. We spent below the KBB value for it too. As well as lots of other items such as clothes, house decorations, toys, etc.

I check it just about every day. I look through the free stuff. Then I do a general search with the price parameters of $2 minimum and $20 max. I find a lot of great, cheap stuff this way. I also search separately for anything I am specifically in need of.

A few our finds:
Loft bed $20
Buffet $75
Bench Seat with 3 wicker baskets $10
Couch $75
Patio Furniture: Table, Umbrella and four chairs $40

Here are a few things I found today in the $2-$20 range to give you an example of what is out there. I found so many it was hard to narrow down!

Just in time for Christmas decorating. A 4.5′ artificial Christmas tree for $12.


A Juiceman II juicer. If you want to try juicing, this is an inexpensive way to do it. Then if you want to upgrade later you can. $20


An old wood phone stand. $15


An Step 2 push/riding car for toddlers for $15. These retail for $40+


These have been on Craigslist for a while and I love them. So tempted to buy one for above son #2’s bed. Kids canopies 1 for $10 or 2 for $18.


I just love this pie basket! $5


A large dog coat for $3!


Boys size 2 L.L. Bean winter boots for $10.

An large new kids play tent for $10.

50 knitting needles for $10.

Kids scooters are pretty expensive new. There are two that I found today. One for $10 and one for $15.

And for my fellow Pinterest nuts, I know I have seen projects using these.

Bird cages for $10-$15 each.

Two ceiling medallions for $8 each.
Could be used to make this wreath from Hope Studios.


These are just a few examples of the stuff you can find cheap on Craigslist! Any other Craigslist nuts out there?

Please keep in mind these items are not mine, I do not know the individuals selling them and am not vouching for them. Always take proper precautions when meeting and buying things from people online. Use common sense and if at any time the communication gives you alarm pass on the item.


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