Apple-y Goodness!

Despite chronic illness I still try to tackle, what feels like, huge projects sometimes. Like blogging. Or fixing something that is broken.

Something that, last month, was a huge project for me started with a cheap bushel of apples from Zarpentine Farms.

Peeling, coring, slicing, cutting, cooking and processing is time consuming and relatively labor intensive. But food in jars makes me happy and the bounty lasts a long time.


To make life easier, I decided to go with making apple sauce in the crock pot, like I had seen on Pinterest. I found a few different recipes on Pinterest and by Googling “crockpot applesauce.” I used my Pampered Chef Apple/Peeler/Corer/Slicer and did up all of my apples.


Apple scraps for the compost.


I put the cut up apples into my crock pots on low and let them cook over night. In one of the crock pots I decided to do spiced applesauce. I used this recipe from Completely Delicious. For the plain apple sauce I didn’t add anything extra.


I decided to make some apple butter too. I used this recipe from The only difference between making the apple sauce and the apple butter is you put some butter knives under the lid to lift it and let some moisture escape for a few hours. This lets the sauce become more thick.


Once the apples were all cooked. I hit them with an immersion blender. I do not know how I lived without an immersion blender for so long! Then I ladled the sauce and butter into hot, sanitized jars and processed them in a hot water bath.


Hot water bath processing.


Spiced apple sauce.


Plain apple sauce.


Apple butter.

I ended up with 3-5 few jars of each. Apples cook down A LOT. But yummy!


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