Son #2 has strep for the second time in a month.  Oh my.  I am so tired.  He had it, his brother had it, my husband had it twice and now he has it again.  We cleaned, changed toothbrushes, changed sheets and ran the dishwasher on sanitize again and again.  I guess I need to do that all again.  And it is going around school so all of that may be a lost cause.

Thankfully, usually, they really don’t get sick.  And thankfully I haven’t had it.  Just the normal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome stuff for me.  I was already extra tired today before we got the call from the school nurse.

Here’s hoping we can kick this bug once and for all this time and get some immune system reserves built up.

Now if someone wants to buy me this . . .
Rapid Response Strep-A Test Kit (STR-15S25) RR 25 Strips/Box


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