Sink Agita


The state of our bathroom sink gives me constant agita. We have a very tiny bathroom and a sink with no vanity. When we moved in I added a shelf above the sink so we would have a spot to put things when were using the sink to put in our contacts and such. But that shelf and the small space that exists around the faucet are constantly cluttered with cups, tooth brushes and medicines.  Every time I wash my hands I knock something over.


I have been seeing different bathroom storage ideas on Pinterest for quite a while and like a few in particular.

This idea from Liz Marie Blog.


This from a non-english site so I couldn’t track down the original.


This from Suite Revival.


And this from Itsy Bits and Pieces.


I decided to go with the repurposed wood CD holder though because it was cheap and easy. When you have a chronic illness easy and functional often always takes precedence over pretty and perfect.

So I went to JoAnn’s and picked up a CD crate for $7.99. Grabbed some white spray paint at Lowe’s for around $4. And went home and set to spray painting. I did two coats and called it good enough. Then I predrilled holes in the shelf, put some plastic screw anchors into the wall and put the self up.  I also rested it on top of the moulding surrounding the tub pipe access door for extra support.


Ahh.  Look at that sink.  Finally I can wash my hands without knocking things over.  No clutter makes me happy!


Quick, easy and pretty cheap solution to our sink clutter.


And it’s cute to boot!


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